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Información COVID_19


Here are the adaptations and measures we have taken to make our hotel a safe environment for everyone.


How will the hotel work?

All spaces will be open including swimming pools and jacuzzi as well as terraces and lounges. The capacity of these has been reduced to ensure a safety distance and it will be checked periodically that the capacities of each space are met.


Check-in and check-out, physical contacts will be minimized as well as the exchange of identity documents and / or papers. Hand sanitizer will be available at reception.


In common areas and buffet

Cleaning in common areas will be done several times a day with disinfection products especially in the living rooms, dining room, bathrooms and swimming pools. Disinfection points will be present in all rooms of the hotel and hand disinfection will be mandatory upon entering the hotel. The use of a mask will be mandatory in indoor common areas except when sitting. On the terraces, the use of a mask will be limited only to times when the safety distance between people and / or groups of people cannot be guaranteed.

Hand disinfection is mandatory upon entering the restaurant. The buffet will work normally but the use of a mask will be mandatory throughout the restaurant except when sitting at the table. The restaurant will also have hand sanitization points using hydroalcoholic gel.

And in the rooms ...

The cleaning of the rooms has always been very thorough and has been carried out with effective products against viruses and bacteria. But given the current situation, we have developed an even more rigorous cleaning and disinfection protocol to minimize the risks. Part of the protocol focuses on spraying disinfectant on all surfaces at the exit of a guest. On the other hand, the disinfection of the bed linen is guaranteed. We follow strictly desinfection methods.


Animation activities

Activities will normally continue with a wide range of activities except those involving physical contact. For example, dancing will be limited to the family unit or group of friends.


Enjoy your holiday safely and without worries, you've won them



The descriptions contained on the website, as well as the opening and closing periods and hours of the different services, or even the establishment itself, may be altered by the current situation of uncertainty caused by the COVID19 pandemic. Contact us through the email before starting the trip for more information. Thank you very much for your understanding.